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released November 21, 2014



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Moody Bidoofs Ontario

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Track Name: Introduction
Hello and welcome to the Moody Bidoofs
I'm Rob and this is my brother Tommy (Hey)
We hope you enjoy our collection of comical pokemon songs we have prepared for you.

We got some fast tracks,
some slow tracks,
some jazzy tunes,
some sad tunes,
we got one where I make my mother sing all sexy and stuff (Ew dude what) No seriously, check out that album art. I mean she looks totally hot too! (Ew)

We got songs for everyone!
I mean... assuming you like Pokemon.
I guess if you don't like Pokemon all that much, then you might not have wanted to purchase this album.
I mean hopefully you didn't or else...
ooooooo I don't think we do refunds. Tommy do we do refunds? No? "No"
No? No. We don't do refunds.

Oh and a big special thanks to Gamefreak for making the most rocking monster battle game or MBG as I like to abbreviate it.
And all of fans at Team Phijkchu!
Which is awkwardly spelled P-H-I-J-K-C-H-U.
I'm not sure which letters are silent.. but I know there are a few..
But yeah you guys are awesome too!

Anyway, we hope you enjoy our first Album, Moody Bidoofs.
Track Name: Hatching Eggs
Alright Talon Flame, are you ready to hatch some new friends with me today (Ba Ka Kawww!)
Ha Ha Ha Thata boy Talonflame. Lets get to work!

We’re hatching eggs
We’re hatching eggs
We’re hatching lots of eggs tonight!

I got four, need just 1 more,
Then will bike across the shore!

We’re hatching eggs,
We’re hatching eggs,
We’re hatching lots of eggs tonight!

Is it a shiny? Nope! Let’s hatch some more.
Where’s my god damn green shiny Bulbasaur?

I’v been at this for almost three weeks and,
I’v tried every freaking technique!
All I want is my shiny dumb game.
Wait! Another ones hatching.. (God Damn it this is so lame!)

This time for sure I can feel it.
It's a shiny Venusaur with a stacked tanky kit
Here we go first ones about to hatch,
Well please Lord Helix, make it in this batch!

We’re hatching eggs,
We’re hatching eggs,
We’re hatching lots of eggs tonight

I’ll mystery gift them all away,
It’s another Fletchling? Great! No really that’s okay.

We’re hatching eggs,
We’re hatching eggs,
We’re hatching lots of eggs tonight!

I hope you find what you're looking for,
as we ride endlessly going back and forth!

A Japanese Ditto would help this go fast.
Searching GTS for sure is a real blast...
All these jerks want is my Legendary,
Well you can’t have RAINBOW DEAR FAIRY!

Oh look someone wants a low level Spearow,
Well I got one of those, no wait it’s a Ferrow.
I’ll breed one fast then trade it real quick.
I’m sorry but the Pokemon offered has been already traded. Well Shit.

We’re hatching eggs,
We’re hatching eggs,
We’re hatching lots of eggs tonight!

O Powers on, let’s hatch away!
I’m gonna get a shiny Pokemon today!

We’re hatching eggs,
We’re hatching eggs,
We’re hatching lots of eggs tonight!

It takes lots of patience, but in the end.
It’s always worth it for your new pokey friend.

Shiny? Nope.
Shiny? Nope
Is it a Shiny? Nope
Come on Shiny? Nope
Shiny, Shiny, Shiny, Nope, Nope, Nope, Nope!
How many Bulbasaur's must I kill,
Before I get a shiny?
I don't know where you think I'm putting them Nintendo.
But I just hatch, then kill them.
I am literally Pokey Hitler!
Track Name: Bipen The Dragon
There's nothing at this part.
There's nothing at this part.
There's nothing at this part.
There's nothing at this part.
There's nothing at this part.

Released at level three,
Abandoned on da street,
Evolved from a Mareep,
Which is basically a sheep,
An electric type,
With a dragons fame,
A legendary Pokemon,
Do you remember his name?

Bipen, Bipen, Bipen the Dragon,
Bipen, Bipen, Bipen the Dragon,
Bipen, Bipen, Bipen the Dragon,
Bipen, Bipen, Rob I’m a Dragon!

Alright maybe you're confused
And we should start over?
rRght from the beginning ok?
Everyone ready? Here we go!

Somewhere on route three, was Bipen you see,
he was just a Mareep, with only green veggies to eat,
When he got into a mess, with a angry puppy dog,
who spit dark fire attacks, that specialize in smog.

When out of the bush, came Pokemon Rob,
Punched that fire pup, right in his pokey knob,
Threw an ultra ball, and said with a grin,
Your my Pokemon now, I name thee Bipen!

And so Rob and Bipen conquered the world,
Both married super models, and had baby girls,
And lived happily ever, and life was great,
That’s the story of Bipen, I rate it 8 outta 8.

Hey Rob! Look at me!
I'm a Dragon! Rawr! Dragon Pulse!

Bipen, Bipen, Bipen the Dragon,
Bipen, Bipen, Bipen the Dragon,
Bipen, Bipen, Bipen the Dragon,
Bipen, Bipen, Rob I’m a Dragon!

What? You don’t like that version?
Fine fine. You wanna know the real story?
The sad story?
Alright then.

Named after the fact, he could jump over the moon,
This electric type friend, left this world too soon,
By taking an critical hit right to his face,
Will miss him well, he was one hell of an ace!

Thought he was a Dragon, when was really a sheep,
But boy was reliable, when you needed a sweep,
With his special hat, and shield made of cotton,
He was an unstoppable wall, who will never be forgotten.

Dragon Pulse son, that was his signature move,
Shoots a purple ball of thunder witha something to prove,
Or when he fights a water type, like Whalelord specifically,
Whose 98% water and 2% electricity!

Ha Ha! I'm a Dragon Rob!
Your not a Dragon Bipen...
Imma Dragon Rob!

Bipen, Bipen, Bipen the Dragon,
Bipen, Bipen, Bipen the Dragon,
Bipen, Bipen, Bipen the Dragon,
Bipen, Bipen, Rob I’m a Dragon!

Rob I'm a Dragon!
I can fly with these wings!
Track Name: Super Effective Feels
Do you remember when Ash let his Butterfree go?
Tears rolling down as we all hide the emotion we show.
Do you remember when Daiman threw his Charmander away?
Rain pouring down, as poor Charmanders flame fades.
And do you remember when Ned Stark died in ,
Game of Thrones Season 1 ,
Boy that sure was sad.

Do you remember when team rocket let their friends go?
Weezing and Arbok left to help their children grow.
Do you remember when Ash turned to stone?
Pikachu crying holding his master all alone.
And do you remember when Ned Stark was decapitated ,
I know I already mention this but ,
God damn it.

Do you remember when Ash lost at the League?
Losing to Ritche, Come on Ash only top 16 ?
Do you remember Cubone pulling your heart strings?
Weaping while holding his dead mother that poor thing.
And do you remember when Ned Stark was dead,
George R (R) Martin crit me with a stab feels attack.
Track Name: Joey's Heart of Gold
Today is the first day that I go upon,
My journey on,
A quest for pokemon!

Got my shoes and comfy shorts so see ya mom!
I'm off to see Professor Rowan!

This will be real sweet! (Real Sweet!)
I wonder what Pokemon that I will meet?
Boy I sure hope,
That he is real strong,
Like a Piplup who evolves into Empoleon!

Uhh sorry Kid, were all out Piplups.
In fact were all out of Pokemon, but I uhh guess you can have this one.
I mean.. It’s not really a starter or anything.. but yeah..

Oh Doggone it!
This real sucks my starter is a Rattata,
Who is a real piece of pokey shit! (He really is.)
It’s still at level 4… whats a kid like me,
Suppose to do but TRAIN IT TO THE TOP!

Use a tackle Rattata, you're doing in great,
Maybe it was faith, I’m sorry for the hate (My Bad)
Hey lets battle that dumb kid this should be cake,
Looking at me, that was your mistake!

My name is Younger J, (Horray)
I’m a master trainer born in the U S of A,
Now I hate to vent, but I cannot prevent,
What my Rattata will do cause he’s the top percent!

Alright Piplup Use Bubble!
Wait what I lost?
Sorry kid, your Pokemon is uhh well it's kinda shit.

I can’t believe I lost, how could this happen to,
My poor rattipoo,
I will always cherish you.
I’ll find a place to bury him, my poor dear friend.
(Hey you know he’s not dead right?) Holy shit this is not my journeys end?

Gee Thanks kid, you sure are smart, what a fresh start!
Oh hey I know, lets trade numbers Yo Yo Yo (Yo)
I’ll call you ever day to tell you the extent,
Of my Rattata who is the Top Percent!

My name is Younger Jo, (For Joey)
I don’t have much cash, but here's sixty four.
You will hear from me soon, maybe this afternoon,
I’m gonna call you everyday while singing this sick tune!

Hi, Joey here! Oh, You doing well? I'm checking out my Rattata's moves and devising some strategies. When I come up with a good one, let's battle! All right. Later!
Track Name: Detective Drowzee and The Case of the Liquid Liquidator
It was a dark and cloudy night, in the twilight city,
My partner was a Hoothoot, and me? I was a Drowzee,
Working the shift, they call us in, another body,
Again a water mon, man this case is getting muddy.
Third one this week, someones whacking waters nightly,
Electric types maybe?, nah grass is more likely,
A couple of Glooms on third avenue,
Me and partner role up at quarter past noon,
Alright fellas you know the drill,
Keep ya petals where I can see em, cause I’m shooting to kill,
These Glooms aren't are guys there just a couple of junkies,
Hopped up on dire hits and from drug dealing monkies,

One passes me a tip of a rogue Electabuzz
Ran away from his trainer, and avoiding the fuzz
We head down route 3 and what we see,
But a thunder Pokemon just trying to flee,
Not so fast pal, we got some questions for you,
Ya water murdering oversize balloon faced fat Pikachu,
Hey whats the deal Copa, I ain’t done nothing wrong,
You can’t charge me chump, now ya best move along,
Before my friends over here, oh sorry let me introduce you,
Yo Machamp motha fucka and the god damn Mewtwo,
Now Scram Copas! Get outta here!

We head back to the station, to report to the chief,
A old mangy Growlithe, with a mean set of teeth,
He flips up his hat and gives us a stare,
Let’s out a growl, as he in his chair,
I want this case solved, I got the town on my tail!
Another dead beasty, and this time it’s a whale,
His name was Reginald, and he’s friends with the mayor,
So get going Drowzie, he said with a glare,
Somethings not right, the chief’s sweating a lot,
An inside job maybe? this trails getting hot.
Mmm It's getting real hot
Ooo hot hot hot hot

The body was huge, a 600 pounder,
Someone fished him from the lake, and just let him flouder,
I look for for some clues, and check out the bruise,
But nothing is news, wait except for the shoes,
Huh I let out.. now that’s kind strange,
A random pair of sneakers, our killer just changed,
Is he getting sloppy, nah something aint right,
These shoes are tagged Electabuzz, and spelling aint right.
Hmmmmmm That's interesting.
I am so interested in this case.
Hoot Hoot Hoot Hoot
Ya I think so too Hoot Hoot
Hoot Hoot Hoot Hoot
Let's go see the cheif.

Good work Drowzee.. i knew you wouldn’t fail,
The town is safe again, and the buzz is in jail,
You done me proud boys, the mayor thanks you,
Now we can get back to work on catching Rattipoo,
Now before you thank me chief, I got a question I need to ask,
Where were you last night, at eleven quarter past?
What you trying to say? Are you out of your mind?
I’m the chief of police, boy you sure out of line,
Not this time pup, your long con is over,
We found the blood on ya hat, you under arrest rover!

You’ll never take me alive Drowzee,
You’ll never take me alive Drowzee!

Book em Hoot Hoot
Track Name: To The Elite
I’m sorry sir, you can only pass here if you have the Boulderbadge.
Oh! That is the Boulder Badge. Well in that case,

Oh Welcome. To The elite!
This. is a special Street,
Badges, you need 8 of them,
Also, you need 5 red gems!

You just need to go through this big red door,
And then right through another ,
Seven more and then you will reach The elite. The elite. The elite!
Four, now please go straight through this,

Door, and then a couple more,
Doors, then right pass this gate,
Then, you will need to swim,
So I hope, that you beat that gym!

Wait now I remember you,
get surf not at a gym but in the,
Safari zone man that is really Awkward. Awkward. Awkward!
Now please, make your way, right through this ,

Door, only a few more,
I know, that this feels like a chore,
Trust me, when I tell you this,
The guy, who made this was pissed!

Now walk around this oddly,
Placed rock, i'm not sure who put it there,
So please be sure to be careful. Be careful. Be careful!
Cheer up, your almost, at the,

End, you must prepare my friend,
This road, is made of legend,
Today, you will fight the champ,
Now please, come right down this ramp!

Handicap safety is real,
Important to the head of the league,
Disabled trainers need to know that they can Compete. Compete. Compete!
Say hi, to the, next guard, his name is,

Pete, yes that is my name,
My mother, shes the one to blame,
You walk, on a special day special day,
It’s actually, my birthday!

Man this real sucks that I have
To work on the one day I should
Be out to celebrate and bang some Hookers. Hookers. Hookers!

Ahh Pete. You’re fired.

Aww come on Dave.
Don’t be like that to me Dave!
Track Name: Tommy's Solo
I wanna be the very best,
But I'd settle for pretty average.
Maybe just catch a Caterpie,
Then go home and hang with my Mom. (Hang with mom!)

I will travel to the next town,
And walk right to the gym.
I'll visit Brock, but won't battle him,
I'll just chill out front with his friends.

Pokemon! (Gotta catch 'em all).
I've already caught 16.
No Badges, I'm taking my time!
I'm pretty content my progress so far,
No seriously I'm not trying at all!

Pokemon! (Gotta catch 'em all).
Except Pikachu,
He's got nothing on Caterpie,
He evolves like really soon!
Pokemon! (Gotta catch 'em all).
Or a respectable amount. Yeah!

Every challenge along the way,
I'll probably just ignore.
Go through a cave? Yeah to hell with that,
This whole thing is one big chore.

Come with me, the Price is Right,
Is on channel 15.
Bob Barker is pretty cool,
But I quite like Drew Carey!

Pokemon! (Gotta catch 'em all).
I've still only got 16.
And that's more then plenty to me!
Pokemon! (No It's not)
Get off my back your as bad as mom,
This is the last verse of the song!

Not it isn't! (Gotta catch 'em all).
Oh god damn it!
I'm totally done with this song!
Hey I'm Rob, backup for Tom!
I got to be in the song! (Gotta catch 'em all).

Yeah! I got to be in this song!
It said it was Tommy's Solo, but I'm in it anyway!
Track Name: Giovanni by Sakaki
When I was fifteen, sixteen, when I really started to play Pokemon.
I definitely wanted to become a gym leader.
It was almost impossible because the dream was so big.
And I didn’t see any chance because I was living in a little town; I was studying.
And when I finally broke away from school and become a trainer,
I thought, Well, now I may have a little bit of a chance.
Because all I really wanted to do is Pokemon - and not only play with Pokemon
But train Pokemon

At the time, in Kanto, in 96-97, they already had had gyms.
So, I would take my bike, would go to a gym and beat trainers who just had Rattatas and Pidgeys.
I think I had about seven or eight wins.
I would partially sleep in the forest because I didn’t want to ride home and that helped me for almost two years to survive in the beginning.

I wanted to start my own gyms with the types of Pokemon I liked, the rocks, the grounds, the steels and then types in the future.
And I said, “Well wait a second, I know these cool guys, why don’t I start
my own Pokemon team and make my own gyms of the future.
And I didn't have any idea what to do, but I knew we needed a cool hideout. So we took over the Viridian gym, put these fancy spin platforms on the ground.

I knew this could be a cool gym of the future but I didn’t realise how much the impact would be.

My Name is Giovanni Sakaki, but everybody calls me Rocket Boss

To protect the world of devastation,
Obliteration, total domination.
My goals were just and cause was right.
To Unite the people at the speed of light.

To spread my message of peace and love.
To be the man who is always above,
A champion a leader. And reach for the stars.
Team Rocket Boss. Yeah.. I went that far.

Money and power there a hella a thing,
Even in a socialist slavery ring,
They call it a nuzlocke and love to pretend,
That you can win life, battlings a trend.

You can't even say no, they just break yo bones,
And forget about the popo, i'm pretty sure there clones.
Our entire society is based on gyms,
Battle for power and learning to swim.

For hidden machines and little tiny little badges,
Imagine adult boy scouts burning pets to ashes.
A fire gym they call it, yeah what the fuck ever,
There world war twoing Pokemon for lust and pleasure

You call me the bad guy, in this messed up place?
Please shut the hell up and have a taste,
Of my shiny grey Rhydon in my rocket base,
First place, my ace, so get ready and brace,

Because he will erase, you face for reality,
A legal brutality, defeat is eventuality,
And just like that your friend is dead,
Take him to a poke center to get cloned again.

I see things clearly from the top of my tower,
In Saffron city, at it's darkest hour,
Watching the destruction fall before me,
My mind final clear. I'm completely free.

Once you free your mind about listening to Professor tell you when you can and can’t ride your bike you can do whatever you want.
So, nobody told me what to do, and there was no preconception of what to do!

Mommy. Mommy. I want to ride my bicycle.
No Giovanni. No No No. You can't ride your bike indoors.
But Mommy! But Mommy. I just. I just really want to ride my bicycle!
No Giovanni! Don't you just listen to what Professor Oak said? I mean he's only a six year old boy right now, but you can't ride your bike until.
But Mommy! But Mommy Please. I just. I just. I just want to ride my bicycle!

Look man you just can't judge me,
Bikes cost a lot in this economy.
So whats wrong with me getting one for free,
By being the king of crime and astronomy.

I worked all day and slaved all night,
Went up the food chain, poor kids got fight,
From assistant manger to regional director,
Heads of operations and then lead ambassador.

I worked my way to the top of crimes,
To pocket all the dollars and smoke all of dimes.
Living it up i said, i'm still in my prime,
The bike can wait man I still got time.

But today's the day, i make my dreams comes alive,
I bought my new bike and i'm ready to dive.
Down the hill, through a cave, in a gym, or whatever,
I'm free to ride my bike from here to forever!
Track Name: Mr Sandman
Where's my snare?
I don’t? Do I? I don’t have a snare?

Mr Sandman, Bring me some sand.
Pull it from your pockets and place it in my hand.
Sand that is loose and so silky too-ooo!
Comes in a pink bag cause thats kinda.. cooo..

Mr Sandman, What you doing out here?
Desert Resort at this time of year?
Are you trying to get a tan?
Mr Sandman you crazy man!

Mr Sandman, Bring some sand.
Give me some warm tiny pieces of land!
The kind that pyramids are totally made of!
Mr Sandman, wait what?

There made if sand (Pyramids are made of Limestone)
What? No. That doesn’t make. (You're dead wrong)
They might be made of stone and sand,
But there definitely made of sand. (Just limestone, no sand)
Fuck you Tommy
Mr Sandman, bring me some sand!

Mr Sandman, (Google it!) What?
Siri, what are the Pyramids made out of?
Checking. Okay. I found this on the web for what are the Pyramids made out of.
Get the fuck outta here!

Mr Sandman, did you happen to know?
That all those pyramids aren’t made of stone.
Not sand, concrete or peasant bone,
No Mr Sandman they're made of Limestone!
No really it’s true!

Mr Sandman, I’m not going to lie,
Your Pokemon story is a little bit dry.
How many times must I rhyme the word sand?
Sand sand sand sand sand sand sand sand sand sand

Mr Sandman sand sand sand sand,
Sand sand sand sand sand man man sand man.
Sand man sand man sand sand dirt,
Mr Sandman sand sand sand sand!

I think we should put it on the album. (Yeah.. uh it’s the best)
It’s going on the album!
Track Name: My Friend
You know, sometimes when i’m playing these games.
I forget there just that man, there just a game.
You get like so, damn attached to the little pixels.
Like. I can remember catching bob, I can remember naming him.
I think he was like the first or second pokemon I caught.
I remember everytime he went into those sky battles though.
And he wasn’t support to win,
He couldn’t win,
But he did
And I remember freaking out when he took that 4x rock attack.
And lived with 1 hit point, just for me.
And you know, it might just be a game to you guys, and in a lot of ways it’s a game to me,
But god damn do I hate losing pokemon to my silly mistakes.
I’m Sorry Bob

His name was Bobhigs,
He was my friend to the end,
I’ll miss all of his brave birds,
And every time he would ascend.
His name was Bobby Higs,
His flying type made him immune to digs,
Someone who could always defend,
All of my pokeman,
Bobhigs I’ll miss you my friend.

Here we go,
His name was Bobhigs,
He was my friend to the end,
I’ll miss all of his brave birds,
And every time he would ascend.
His name was Bobby Higs,
His flying type made him immune to digs,
Someone who could always defend,
All of my pokeman,
Bobhigs I’ll miss you my friend.
My friend.